Your Spine on Holiday #1 – How to Ease the Pain of Packing?

Kręgosłup na wakacjach

Sooner or later, everybody has difficulties with packing. Whatever the length of the vacation is, we always take either too many or not enough things with us, often having completely useless stuff in our bag. But we are not going to advise you how to pack properly or what to take with you. Think about another crucial topic – how how are you going to carry your luggage? Here is our collection of packing tips for your summer travel.

At first glance, this topic might seem to be trivial, but it’s worth paying attention to. After long hours of sitting in front of the screens, we literally make our body and spine to do the HEAVY lifting! Careless, violent, quick moves and sudden lifts of many kilograms can spoil our vacation, causing back strains, muscles and ligaments tears… It poorly sounds like fun. doesn’t it?

How can we minimize the risk of getting hurt then while moving our luggage from point A to point B?

A suitcase, a backpack or a bag?

Match the type of luggage with your trip. If it’s a suitcase, remember to choose the lightest as possible. There are many ultralight and durable suitcases which are worth to invest in. The optimal suitcase weight should not exceed no more than 2-3 kilograms. Otherwise, you burden your spine with utterly pointless load.

When buying a suitcase, make sure that it’s easy to move, drag or push. Check whether the length of a handle matches your height. Remember that it’s a suitcase that should fit you, and not the other way round! You shouldn’t lump or bend from one side to another while carrying it as it can cause additional spine strains.

You can travel with a bag or a handbag only if it’s light enough and does not make you bend sideways while carrying it. Otherwise, you should choose a comfy backpack with stiffened back which ensures even distribution of weight on your back. Wide and soft straps with regulated length are equally important when choosing both a backpack and/or a travel bag.

If you are planning long hiking trips with heavy backpacks and long hours of heavy lifting, better have an individual consultation at a sports equipment shop. Salesmen can help you to choose the right backpack that would meet your needs.

Moving luggage

Take special care of your body while moving luggage. For example, avoid quick violent moves as your spine isn’t simply used to them! Better make longer, slower and smooth moves in order to prevent muscles tears.

How to put your luggage in the overhead bin when you are on board of a plane or a train?

  • Lift it in two stages. Firstly, place your luggage on your seat. Secondly, lift it higher and place it on the shelf above you.
  • Large carry-on items go in the overhead bin wheels first. Wheels first make it faster and easier for passengers to grab the bag when leaving.
  • Jackets and coats go on top of the bag.
  • Smaller bags go under the seat.

Avoid simultaneous lifts and back twists when you take your luggage off the belt in the airport or take it from the trunk! This is one of the most common reasons for painful strains in the lower back. Better make a whole-body movement which will distribute the effort and unburden your spine significantly.

Don’t forget to pack your Drim Drum!

Drim Drum fits in the hand luggage easily. It’s light, portable and indestructible. No matter where you are going to, you can always have it with you and take care of your spine whenever you want. One minute of exercise with Drim Drum is enough to improve the condition of your spine and minimize the back pain.

Use our tips to avoid unpleasant conditions so you could fully enjoy happy and healthy summer instead! Our next post will explain how to survive a long trip by plane, coach, train and car without overloading your spine.

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