6 Tips to Treat Back Pain Without Drugs

Co lubi Twój kręgosłup

Four in five people (80%) experience back pain during their lifetime. There are many reasons for that. For example, the wrong sleeping position can increase muscle tension in the lower back. But how to prevent it properly? How to treat it naturally so you didn’t have to visit physical therapists, exercise physiologists, or chiropractors? Remember that prevention is better than cure! Keeping this in mind, here are our best 6 tips for you.

#1 Avoid dehydration

How much water do you drink per day? At least 1.5 liters of fluids is recommended. If you a fan of sports activity or feeling sick, always drink more to take care of your fluid level. Do not underestimate the role of fluids in the proper functioning of your entire body, including the spine. There are different ways to check if you are properly hydrated, and here is the quickest one.

Run a quick test

What colour is your urine? Everything is Ok if it is clear, pale or straw-colored. But if it is darker, pour yourself a glass of some soft drink!

#2 exercises in water

Another tip is also related to water. Our joints, including the spine, are nourished only while they are active, i.e. while movement. Water workout can give you the exact dose of the movement you need, especially if you experience back pain.

Why does your spine would love water exercises? Your weight is much less in water. Thanks to this, there will not be such a tension on the joints. Go to the pool without even about it if you experience some pain – the same exercises will be done with ease and without discomfort.

Moreover, water exercises and swimming are recommended for people of all ages.

#3 Lack of vitamin C

Vitamin C does not only prevent cold! In addition to strengthening the body resistance, it has another important property – it makes the connective tissues more flexible.

When connective tissue is stiff, you feel any excessive motion or loading of the joints. Thanks to vitamin C, the tissue becomes more flexible, and you will feel more comfortable in every situation.

The daily vitamin course will certainly improve your mood 😉

#4 Proper body weight

Law of Attraction can’t be beaten. The excess weight is putting pressure on your joints, including the spine.

Imagine that you are carrying around a very heavy backpack all the time. Even at home. With no doubt, your knees and your spine would feel a constant tension. Unfortunately, problems can arise sooner or later, so better be prepared! Make sure to keep an eye on your body weight and do not expose your spine to such loads.

#5 Stretching routine is a must

Stretching is the icing on the cake for your body. It makes your joints, normally subjected to the compression (say hello to the rule of physics again!), cease to be so stiff. Joint mobility can be a way out from daily pain to the general capability improvement and flexibility of your limbs.

It’s really that simple – all you need to feel better is to stretch!

Remember, however, that the training should be personalized, properly selected in terms of intensity and type of exercises.

# 6 Move!

The spine, as we have already mentioned, is basically a huge pond. The joints, however, get nutrition only while moving.

What is important, it is better to move often, but not too long, than to take rare long distances.

The pond is already filled after the first minute of movement! However, how to provide the spine with the right amount of movement without damaging or overloading it?

Best with Drim Drum!

Thanks to exercises with Drim Drum, your spine will get nourished and relaxed within 1 minute of training. Exercising on DD, you do not feel the joint tension. On the contrary, the spine experiences a gentle traction, thanks to which the intervertebral discs have more space and, as a result, get hydrated. If your back is tied together after a whole day of sitting, you would feel a nice relaxation in the lumbar spine. At the same time, the entire position of your spine changes, which will also have a beneficial effect on the spinal segments located above.

In conclusion, your spine needs:

  • a lot of water,
  • vitamin C,
  • the movement even if it is quick,
  • proper stretching

In our next post, we’ll discuss everything that the spine does not like and how to avoid it.