Back pain solution

Learn how easily you can improve your posture

Once your spine is damaged, there is no turning back.

Whether it is behind our desk, in a car or even at home – we spend too much time in a sitting position. Do your legs and spine hurt?

Do something before it’s too late!

Still thinking it may not concern you?

It’s already an issue of a modern civilization

50% Office workers suffer from back pain and/or leg cramp caused by incorrect posture or sitting for too long
25% People with back pain will develop more serious, irreversible issues such as a herniated disc or sciatica
$40 Billion is spent yearly on back-pain-related procedures in the US alone, according to "Forbes"
Hello! I’m Roman Wojcinowicz

I am a professional manual therapist. During my long career, I’ve met thousands of people with spine problems at very different stages. But all of my patients had one thing in common: the back pain which over time was paralyzing their bodies, preventing them from performing their day-to-day activities. Such discomfort would stop them living to the fullest. I was desperate to find an ultimate solution suitable for everybody who stepped into my office.

After months of researching and designing, I’ve created Drim Drum, a simple, yet effective device that is an answer to the spine problems of the twenty-first century. Hours spent in front of our computers have resulted in an epidemic of back and leg problems.

Drim Drum requires only two minutes per day, so you can’t say that you have no time to spare! What is important, though, is that the results exceeded my wildest expectations. Every person that has used Drim Drum noticed a great improvement! I strongly encourage everyone to try it!

Roman Wojcinowicz, Drim Drum CEO

Easy to use

You don’t have to spend hours on exercising. Drim Drum requires ONLY 2 MINUTES to get the desired effect.

The secret lies in the muscle group-specific training. It’s all about the quality, not the length of the workout.

Quick to use

It takes almost no time each day at home to feel the difference.


Light, small, and easy to transport.


Share Drim Drum with your loved ones - their backs will say Thank you!

Drim Drum

Money saver

Long-term investment in your spine’s condition.

No pain​

Relieves pain, bringing immediate relief.​


Regular exercises help to maintain proper healthy posture.

11 workouts that will help you achieve your goal!

Before you start the training, we will provide you with a complete video manual set which contain properly selected sets of exercises. You will see how to perform exercises properly to get the most from te exercices, keeping in mind your level of preparation.

Beginner workout

A set of exercises developed by our Trainers for people who rarely exercise and need some movement to awake their bodies.

We will show you how to maintain good posture and perform body movements correctly, thanks to which you will achieve the expected effect at a fast pace.

Drum Drum requires only 1 minute in the morning and 1 minute in the evening to feel the first effects!

Intermediate workout

A practical set of exercises for people who occasionally train, but have already gained the basics of exercise technique.

Specially selected workout will maintain the form and strength of your abdominal muscles. What’s more, it will relax your spinal erectors– a set of muscles that straighten and rotate the back, which work hard when you are sitting at work, for example.

Systematic 4 week workout will improve your posture, deal with lumbar spine pains and reward you with strong muscles and flat stomach.

Advanced workout

To help you enjoy life to its fullest, advanced workout plan was designed for those, who exercise abdominal muscles a lot and have already strengthened them.

Long-term overloads cause various degenerations and injuries. By implementing this set of exercises for advanced users of Drum Drum, you will defeat the back pain and get immediate relief.

Even very intense and long-lasting training will not harm your spine.

  • Simple and flexible construction
  • Resistant materials
  • Created by experienced physiotherapists
  • Recommended by personal trainers
  • Secures the spine from damages and overloading
  • Easy to transport
  • Solution for back and leg pain
  • Counteracts the pain
  • Prevents further health problems
  • Helps with inflammation
  • Designed for everyone
  • Dedicated exercises
  • Supports while doing crunches
  • Nourishes the intervertebral discs
  • Strengthens abdominal muscles
  • Relaxes tense muscles and keeps better posture

Color matters!

Depending on your weight choose the correct  color of Drim Drum.

They are of the same size but differ in resistance power. 

50-85 kg (110-187 lbs) Light, flexible and elastic material.
85-120 kg (187-265 lbs) Tougher, resistant and enhanced construction.