Drim Drum for
personal trainers
Are you a qualified trainer working with clients who have problems with back pain and/or spine injuries? Introduce Drim Drum to your classes!

To do that, you need to undergo training prepared by our physiotherapist in order to properly use our devices. On the course you will learn about special exercises involving Drim Drum, how to assist your clients with back pain problems and how to avoid common workout mistakes. Moreover, we will provide you with one chosen Drim Drum.  Of course you can purchase additional devices in reduced price. Contact us, and we will figure something out!

Drim Drum was created after months of research and years of work experience of our CEO, physiotherapist Roman Wójcinowicz. He has dedicated his professional life to helping people with spine problems and taking care of their well-being. He came up with a simple, yet extremely efficient device which has already saved the spines of dozens of patients.

We want to improve the health of our clients, and we bet that’s your priority, too. The benefits for your clients are countless. You will supplement their workout program outside the gym: in their homes, during holidays, etc. The almost immediate effects will improve their motivation and enthusiasm for exercising.

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